Trading Psychology Workshop

This practical and interactive two-day workshop is designed for traders and fund managers who want to improve their trading and investing performance, develop their personal decision making skills and learn practical evidence-based performance enhancement techniques for taking their trading and investing to the next level.

It is an intensive two-day programme of applied trading and investing psychology with the content being drawn from the areas of applied performance psychology, neuroscience, decision science, stress physiology, mindfulness based approaches and elite performance strategies. This is combined with Steve Ward’s vast practical experience of working with traders and fund managers of all abilities and experience across the globe and across all asset classes.

Each delegate will be asked to complete a risk personality psychometric test, which will be evaluated as a part of the program.

Over the two days the course gives particular attention to the topics below in a blend of presentations, discussions, audio/visual input, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Understanding trading and investing performance and decision making
What makes a good trader/fund manager? What is trading performance? What is a good trading decision? What factors affect trader’s decision making and performance? Developing a high-performance approach to trading and investing.

The biology of trading and investing and the stress response
The psycho-biology of trading and investing, the stress response and trading decisions, practical strategies for making better trading decisions under stress and pressure, building physiological resilience including the use of biofeedback training.

Attention, awareness, self-control and discipline
Practical strategies for developing strong focus ,reducing distractibility and strengthening the mental skill of self-control that underpins trading discipline. Developing your deliberate, disciplined mind and reducing behavioural bias.

Developing awareness of your trading and investing beliefs and perceptions, learning how to ‘think differently’ and strategies for developing a mental framework for successful trading/investing.

Emotions, trading and investing, and decision making
The latest neuroscience research and how to apply it to your trading and investing to enhance your decision making, including how to develop your bodies 6th sense (interoception), overcome loss aversion and regret aversion, deal with difficulty, and harness emotions such as fear and excitement

Trading with the body in mind
The importance of the mind-body connection, the role of gut feelings in decision making, decision fatigue, the embodied brain and strategies for enhancing sleep, nutrition, exercise and recovery to optimize brain function and decision making

Risk personality
Explore your risk personality and its implications for how you trade by taking a unique risk personality based psychometric test with feedback on how to interpret your results and utilize them to enhance your trading process

Process, edge and discipline
Understanding the importance of your trading process to successful trading and investing, the high performance trading cycle, strategies for improving your preparation, execution and evaluation/performance analysis. What is you edge/competitive advantage? Developing discipline.

Enhancing performance
How to build on your trading and investing strengths, work on/around your weaknesses and make effective behavior change including the use of mental rehearsal and visualisation strategies.