Applied Trading Psychology

A practical and interactive live 6 session web-based training program designed to help traders and fund managers who want to improve their decision making and performance. You will learn practical, evidence-based strategies drawn from the areas of elite performance, psychology, physiology, neuroscience and decision science combined with over 15-years of practical experience of coaching and training traders across the globe and across asset classes.

Course Includes:

  • 6 x one hour live webinars with live Q&A session
  • Access to webinar recordings
  • Course manual
  • Risk Personality psychometric test and results

The course runs from 20th April to 29th June, with one session every two weeks. The sessions run from 11.00 GMT to 12.00 GMT.

20 Apr - 29 June 2020


6 Weeks


TA Live!


Steve Ward

Course Fee:

£795 + VAT


WEEK ONE: 20th April 2020
Decision Making, Discipline and Developing Trading and Investing Skill

  • Understand what trading performance is, and the 3 components of trading performance
  • The importance of process and the role of skill and luck in trading results
  • Decision making, cognitive and emotional biases, discipline and style drift

WEEK TWO: 4th May 2020
Developing Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Discipline

  • The importance of self-awareness to high performance in trading and investing
  • The core processes of developing self-awareness – reflective, critical and mindful awareness
  • Risk type awareness – review and gain insights from your Risk Personality assessment
  • How to use them to enhance your trading decisions

WEEK THREE: 18th May 2020
Developing A Winning Traders Mindset – Thinking Differently

  • How your mental framework (mindset) influences your decision making and performance
  • Assessing your trading mindset, your beliefs, and perceptions
  • Understanding how you think about risk, markets, trading, winning, losing, money, mistakes
  • Strategies for developing/refining your mental framework for enhanced performance

WEEK FOUR: 25th May 2020
Managing Your Trading Emotions – Fear, Anxiety, Anger and Overconfidence

  • The neuroscience of emotions and trading decisions
  • How to develop your emotional awareness
  • How to harness and use your emotions as data to enhance your decision making

WEEK FIVE: 15th June 2020
Trading With Confidence – Developing The Mental Skills of High Performance Trading

  • Developing the mental skills required to enhance your trading decision making
  • Dealing with trading losses, setbacks and challenges
  • Practical strategies for enhancing your composure, commitment, confidence and concentration

WEEK SIX: 29th June 2020
Applying The Physiology of Trading Decision Making: The Mind-Body Connection

  • Understand the role that the body plays in risk taking and decision making
  • The stress response, developing stress resilience and biofeedback training
  • Decision fatigue and the importance of managing energy for optimising decision making
  • Gut feel and strategies for developing interoception (your 6th sense)