Advanced Mind Fitness Strategies

A two-day very interactive training program that teaches traders and fund managers how to apply a range of mindfulness-based approaches such as those used by the military and elite athletes and sports teams to enhance their decision making and performance.

It blends proven mindfulness-based approaches with behavioural science, stress physiology, neuroscience and performance psychology to provide a practical methodology that will help you to train your trading and investing brain, develop your ‘mind fitness’, strengthen your psychological flexibility and increase your mental edge.

The benefits to traders and investment managers of practising mind fitness strategies include reduced stress reactivity, improved emotional regulation, lower levels of impulsivity, enhanced intuition and less negative thinking. It can also enhance self-control and discipline and improves attention and focus, whilst reducing proneness to behavioural and decision biases.

Course Includes:

  • Two days of classroom training
  • Course manual
  • Tradermind book
  • Mind Fitness for Traders and Fund Managers MP3s

This course is led by Steve Ward, one of the world’s top trading and investing performance coaches and qualified mindfulness teacher.

What are mindfulness-based approaches and how can I train myself to use them?

  • What is mindfulness?
  • What are mindfulness-based approaches?
  • What are the benefits to traders and fund managers in using them?
  • How do I train them?

Committed action and developing and strengthening discipline

  • The trading performance cycle and the importance of trading process
  • Strengthening commitment to action – leveraging actions, values and goals
  • Developing discipline through poise: trading when facing challenging thoughts and emotions

Developing mindful awareness, attention and focus

  • Developing present moment attention
  • Observing thoughts, emotions, sensations and impulses in real time
  • Developing the mental muscle of trading discipline and self-control

From aversion to acceptance, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, dealing with losses, being wrong and regret

  • Understanding aversions such as losing, being wrong, making a mistake, regret and missing out
  • Developing strategies to approach challenging & uncomfortable thoughts, emotions & sensations
  • Developing the ability to trade in the presence of difficult thoughts, emotions and sensations

Managing the trading mind

  • Developing a mental framework for successful trading/investing
  • Managing difficult and unhelpful thoughts and outdated mental scripts
  • Strengthening confidence and dealing with losses and setbacks

Working with your trading emotions

  • Developing practical strategies to manage fear, stress, anger and unhelpful trading emotions
  • Learn how to recognise and reduce the impact of your emotions
  • Learn how to harness your emotions, and use them as data to enhance your trading decisions

Trading mind, trading body

  • Understanding the role of the body in risk taking and decision making
  • Gut feel and interoception, and how to train your mind-body connectivity
  • Practical strategies for managing stress and fatigue

Becoming a mindful trader/fund manager

  • Developing strategies to integrate formal & informal practices into your trading & investing