Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

This two-day course examines all aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain for institutional traders and investors. Delegates will learn about the mining and valuation of currencies along with the fundamental and technical factors that influence price. Trading strategies are discussed along with digital currencies’ potential as an asset class for fund and portfolio managers. The mechanics of blockchain are also covered in detail along with the role played by exchanges and regulation going forward.

30 Sep - 01 October 2019


2 days (9am to 5pm)


London, UK – Tower Hotel, London E1


Trevor Neil

Course Fee:

£1990 + VAT


Introduction to cryptocurrencies

  • What they are and how they trade
  • Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies
  • What will be the next big thing?
  • How are regulators, exchanges and central banks responding?


  • Its strengths weaknesses and history
  • Its connection with both libertarian ideals and out and out greed
  • What are the problems with Bitcoin as a potential currency
  • Facebook’s Libra: implications and is it a rival to Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency mining

  • What is mining and what is its role?
  • Hash values, nonces and the cost of electricity
  • What does a mine look Like?
  • Can you develop your own mining?

Cyptocurrency trading

  • What fundamentals impact cryptocurrencies
  • Technical trading: patterns, trends and the impact of behavioural finance
  • Fundamental data: how to value cryptocurrencies
  • Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies

Cyptocurrency exchanges

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges vs. Recognised Investment Exchanges (RIE)
  • Regulation issues institutional clients face
  • Multiple exchanges & price discrepancies: do arbitrage opportunities exist?

Crypto funds

  • Cryptocurrencies as an asset class
  • Token crowdsales & initial currency offerings (ICOs): a bridge to a new asset class
  • Does Bitcoin substantially increase Sharpe and Sortino ratios?
  • Portfolio optimization techniques
  • Case studies


  • What is blockchain and how it works
  • How it is being adopted by the financial markets
  • Who is embracing it and its critics
  • What are the social implications?

Profiting now from the future

  • The impact of possible new regulations
  • Security concerns: hacking and fraud and how to deal with it
  • How to invest in crypto technology itself
  • Trading platforms: their risks
  • ICOs
  • Finding unicorns in the forest