Applied Trading Psychology

This Applied Trading Psychology e-learning training course is designed for traders who want to improve their trading performance. The content is largely drawn from the areas of performance psychology, neuroscience, behavioural finance and cognitive behavioural coaching, combined with the trainer’s vast experience of working with traders of all abilities and experience across the globe and across asset classes.


8 hours


Steve Ward

Course Fee:



3Understanding trader performance

  • Thinking about trader performance
  • Trader meets market
  • Trading performance factors
  • The challenges
  • What can we do?

Awareness and attention training

  • The awareness advantage
  • Attention and performance
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness training

Minding your mind

  • What is the mind?
  • Why we need to mind our mind
  • Metacognition and mind awareness
  • Beliefs, perception, emotions, decisions
  • Mind management and defusion strategies

Embracing emotion

  • Emotions and performance
  • Emotions and trading
  • A new emotional paradigm
  • Emotional awareness
  • Emotion management strategies

Committed action

  • Discipline
  • Values, goals and behaviours
  • The 3 stages of performance
  • The impact of fatigue and energy management
  • Creating your trading process

Improving performance

  • Change and performance improvement
  • Growth mindset
  • Understanding change
  • Opposite action
  • Change and performance improvement strategies