Introduction to Technical Analysis

This e-learning Introduction to Technical Analysis training course provides a thorough grounding in technical analysis to traders and investment managers of all asset classes who are new to the subject. The course covers the essentials of technical analysis, whether from a purely short-term timing perspective or for longer-term analysis, and is designed to get students quickly up to speed and to a level where they can apply TA correctly and confidently in the markets they cover.


3 months


Trevor Neil

Course Fee:


  • Technical analysis
  • Why it works and its limitations

Dow Theory

  • Appreciating the contribution of Charles Dow

Chart types

  • Line, bar, and candle
  • Charting scales: arithmetic or semi-log?
  • Using them in different markets and market conditions

Support and resistance levels

  • Identifying levels
  • Assessing their strength
  • Expected price movement on the break of levels

Trend lines

  • Drawing lines correctly
  • Recognising trend line breaks and ‘false breaks’

Chart patterns

  • The major continuation and reversal patterns
  • How to recognise them and how to project subsequent price moves


  • Understanding its significance and using volume data with price

Oscillators & Indicators

  • Using RSI, Stochastics and MACD
  • Identifying and interpreting divergences
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Which oscillator should you use?

Moving Averages

  • 20, 50 & 200 period moving averages
  • Moving average as support
  • Crossover trading signals
  • Types of moving average: simple, exponential and weighted

Elliott Wave

  • Ralf Nelson Elliott’s observations
  • Wave construction


  • The Fibonacci sequence and Fibonacci ratios
  • Retracements and projections