Client Testimonials

“[Mindfulness for the Markets] was excellent. I found the course very interesting. It introduced me to a new tool that will be really helpful for my daily routine/job. Steve is a great coach, he makes things very easy and clear for people that are making their first contact with mindfulness.”
Javier Palacios, Oilseeds Trader, Engelhart CTP (Switzerland)

“Excellent course. Great pedagogical style – the instructor clearly had very strong working knowledge of this subject and was able to easily get his message across.”
Paul Zaris, Director, Oil Trading, ANZ Bank (Singapore)

“Big thanks to Trevor, outstanding presentation from a skilled person.”
Rasmus Østenkær, Senior Dealer, Nordea

“The [Machine Learning for the Markets] tutor was very good. He explained things well and was very accommodating.”
Martyn North, eFX Trading Desk, TD Securities

“Pedro was an extremely good teacher. The examples used were very useful in connecting the theory to market application.”
James Delaney, Analyst, ESB

“Excellent course content, quality of presentation and clarity of training.”
Felipe Gutierrez-Blazquez, ALM Trader, European Investment Bank

“It was spectacular having Trevor here for the week!  The team is energized and excited to start practicing the techniques he taught us. I really appreciate his humor, thoroughness, pace, and approach to teaching. It’s extremely apparent just how much experience and knowledge he brings to bear.”
Lee Turner, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets, SunTrust Mortgage

“Steve really knows how to capture the attention of the attendees from the beginning and makes it worth every minute that is spent away from the desk. He has tools and techniques that are suitable for every trader. I can only recommend attending a workshop with Steve. Many thanks.”
Lukas Meier, Fixed Income Trader, Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB)

“‘Mindfulness for the Markets’ is one of the best courses I’ve attended during my professional career. Steve Ward is a passionate lecturer who inspired me to start practicing mindfulness.”
FX Strategist, Rabobank London

“Excellent [Trading Psychology]”
Fredy Sarmiento, Trader, Rabobank London

“An excellent course, with amazing content and well delivered. Steve Ward’s approach will improve my trading.”
Simon Cotterill, Private Trader

“Excellent course content and excellent quality of presentation”
 Rita Irbe, Power Trader, Enovos Luxembourg

“Excellent course”
Mahmoud Jaffal, Senior Trader, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

“Excellent course content and excellent quality of presentation”
Dr. Matthias Piot, Meteorologist and Commodity Analyst, EnBW

“Excellent course”
Senior Portfolio Manager, Old Mutual Global Investors

“Everything was excellent [Machine Learning for the Markets].”
FX Trader, Commerzbank

“Trevor Neil held a very high level of quality throughout the course and it by far met my expectations.”
Christopher Lofdahl, Equity Sales, Danske Bank

“This was an absolutely excellent introduction to the world of technical analysis. Trevor tailored the course to each participants particular needs and was very clear. I would highly recommend this course.”
Richard Swain, Head of Funds Research, Bentley Reid

“Had a very good overview of algorithmic trading techniques especially what works and doesn’t work. Ernie is a very patient instructor in which he gives clear and elaborate answers for every question one raise.”
Sandeep Yerra, Trader, Risk Management, Reliance Industries Limited

“Everything was excellent”
Aimone Beretta, Portfolio Manager, Crossinvest

“The best workshop I have ever attended.”
Tarik Khalil, Head of Power Trading, Interenergo d.o.o.

Trader, Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG

“Excellent course content and quality of presentation.”
Richard Hulf, Fund Manager, Artemis Investment Management LLP

“Good course. Ernie was an excellent teacher.”
EFX Trading, Commerzbank

“Excellent. I have done a few courses with you guys now. Thanks.”
Eric Jhugroo, Quantitative Fund Manager, Structured Funds, Schroders Investment Management Limited

“An excellent course.”
Trader, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

“Interesting course and good teaching approach.”
Global Front Office, ENEL TRADE S.p.A.

“Brilliant course, really enjoyed it.”
Valerie Chan, Metal Options Trader, Natixis London Branch

“Excellent venue, course content and clarity of training.”
Vernon Strang, Trader, NIBC Bank N.V.

“Excellent course, very useful combination of hands on knowledge paired with the theoretical understanding as well. All compiled in good presentations.”
Mikkel Wenøe Bach, Trader, AAK Denmark

“The Trading Psychology Workshop was a real eye opener for someone like me who was quite cynical initially. However the content, backed up by measurable results, and the engaging delivery from Steve really made me sit up and think about the way I currently operate.”
Stuart Middleton, UK Power and Gas Trading, ESBi

“Absolutely great seminar, Trevor was an excellent speaker.”
Beat Kuendig, Head FX, St. Galler Kantonalbank AG

“I enjoyed every aspect of the course. Since attending the course in 2012, the course has helped me stay more relaxed and clear-minded, both in trading and other things.” [Testimonial received January 2014 with reference to the long-term benefits of attending the Trading Psychology Workshop]
Paul Mitchley, Assistant Head of Interest Rate Trading, DZ Bank

“The course was very good and very well presented by Trevor Neil. I would highly recommend it.”
CIO, Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild SA (Hong Kong)

“Trevor Neil is a great speaker and made the course informative and thoroughly enjoyable.”
Corporate FX Sales, Société Générale

“Really enjoyed the course, Steve Ward and the other people involved.”
Benno Honsdrecht, Senior Trader FI, SNS Bank

“I was very impressed by the content of the course and how Steve presented it. He was very engaging and willing to chat individually about our personal experiences.”
Ben Fraser, Trader, W & R Barnett

“The tools presented in the workshop are powerful and I can definitely see them improving my ways of dealing with the pressures involved in trading.”
Tomas Gustavsson, Senior Trader, Vattenfall Energy Trading

“Steve Ward was our course leader and gave great insight and knowledge to psychology within trading. Presentation was first class and we also did a few fun experiments!! Overall a great couple of days and highly recommend it.”
Taylor Lang, Commodity Trader, Ebullio Capital Management

“Everything was excellent.”
Alain Carle, Investment Manager, Credit Agricole Suisse

Ivan Jelcic, Head of Trading, Korlea

“An excellent course.”
Benny Stromberg, Dealer, Nordea Bank

“I would recommend everyone to attend this seminar, advanced users as well as newbies. The indicators were taken to a whole new level.”
Lovisa Alvek, FX Sales, Nordea Bank

“The course was structured. The trainer gave clear and concise examples to support his interpretation of how to utilise the indicators used in technical analysis. I found it easy to relate to. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.”
Jesseline Yeo, Trader Graduate Program, Shell Trading

Excellent background information about the technical indicators that helped me understand the indicators in their proper context. I would recommand it at any time.”
Lior Crucy, Quant Analyst, Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg

“Excellent. It will be highly recommended to colleagues.”
Derivatives Trader, Investec Bank

“Everything – including course content, quality of presentation, administration of booking, manuals and training venue – was excellent.”
Alessandro Sapori, AdB Energy Management – Wholesale and Origination, Enel Trade S.p.A.

“I have attended a dozen workshops and this one was by far the best one yet. Steve made it interesting from the get-go and his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone. When you’ve been in the business for as many years as I have, about the only thing you can improve on is your psychological capital and mental composure. I would recommend this workshop to all traders.”
Patric Tengelin, Trader, Modity Energy Trading AB

“Excellent course, a real eye-opener in places.”
Andrew Beer, Equities Market Maker, RBS

“An excellent course. Absolutely interesting.”
Marco Michelutti, Oil Derivatives Trader, Enel Trade S.p.A.

“The two days were very useful for me and perfectly fit my needs. The trainer has great knowledge and experience and didnt hesitate to share as much as possible.”
Henning Prelle, FX Trader, BayernLB

“Course was excellent thanks. Very happy with the course and thought Trevor was great.”
Stephen O’Sullivan, Christopher Street Capital

“Very informative and flexible to what each trader wanted to take away from the workshop.”
Toby Donovan, Trader, Armajaro Trading

“An excellent course.”
Julia Chatwyn, Investment Co-Ordinator, Irwin Mitchell LLP

“Excellent presentation and clarity of training.”
Pendo Loefgren, Head of Asset Management, Verica Trust & Capital Management AG

“Course content was excellent.”
Holger Galuschke, Technical Analyst, E.ON Energy Trading SE

“It was great to be able to use real examples on CQG. The course was very useful and the trainer did a great job in presenting and explaining various techniques accross a broad use of indicators. I am already trying to implement some of these.”
Iain Redmond, Research Associate, Fidelity International

“Trevor is a fantastic trainer and the concepts were taught in a concise manner. The course is very useful for directional traders as well as vol/Option traders alike.”
Ani Banerjee, Global Multi Assets, Citigroup

“Excellent – very very helpful!”
Oliver Baumann, Investment Analyst, Sloan Asset Management AG

“A tremendous amount of information provided through thoughtful introduction tailored to meet the make-up of the entire audience. I consider the materials covered to be an important foundation for continued learning.”
Colin Murray, Vice President, Pala Investments AG

“A very interesting course. Steve is an excellent teacher and the ideas and techniques I have picked up will be very useful in the future.”
Michael Coad, Dealer – Rates and Credit, National Australia Bank

“Steve Ward is an excellent presenter. He conducted a very good course. Lots of take away points to ponder upon.”
Richard Fullarton, Trader, Shell

“An excellent course.”
Nick van Rensburg, Trader, Investec

“I was really absorbed into this workshop from the very beginning until the end and beyond. Excellent.”
Giorgio Rovito, Equity Portfolio Trader, Banca IMI

“Excellent content and quality of presentation.”
Adrian Codirlasu, Senior FX Options Dealer, ING Bank

“Very good course with good application of techniques and methods.”
Jeremy Baker , Portfolio manager, Harcourt Investment Consulting

“The course was excellent and I would recommend it to friends.”
Product manager, Paddy Power

“An excellent course.”
Daniel Mules, Credit Repos, WestLB

“Excellent course content and presentation.”
Daniel Stephens, Strategic Hedge Book Manager, Trafigura Beheer

“Excellent course.”
Hai Jiang, Carbon Trading Manager, Eneco Energy Trade

“Trevor Neil was an excellent trainer.”
Andrew Beer, Equities Market Maker, RBS

Karol Sztekiel, Analyst, Credit Suisse International

“It is so refreshing to have a course presented by someone who has actually experienced so much in the market. I learnt so much.”
Trader, Natixis Commodity Markets

On Pairs Trading & Related Strategies: “This was one of my top courses. The course was informative and well presented. The use of PCs with matlab was actually very productive. Thanks.”
Senior Trader, Mizuho International

On Pairs Trading & Related Strategies: “Excellent course content and presentation.”
Stephane Fima, Director, Societe Generale

“Very useful introduction to techniques I had not come across before as well as much needed clarifiaction of some things I had picked up as “folklore” but did not know in detail. Thanks.
Vice-President, Credit-Suisse

“Excellent content and clarity of training.”
Shaugn Wilkie, Portfolio Manager, Macquarie Bank International

On Portfolio Optimization & Money Management (with Ralph Vince): “A great seminar helped to better understand and complement the groundwork laid out in his books.”
Herwig Prielipp, Cominvest Asset Management

“Trevor Neil was inspiring. He helped sort out the more important TA indicators from the hundreds that exist. Every indicator he delved into was thorough and easily absorbed.  All in all worth the time and investment.”
Patrick Hogarty, Head of Trading, Alder Capital

“I was very pleased with the course and I will certainly recommend my collegues to join it.”
Edward Linderoth, Danske Bank

Tim Proctor, Director, Net Investors

“I’ll definitely be booking the advanced course next time the course is in Hong Kong.”
Kirtes Bharti, Trader, Nomura

“I have learned a lot especially on different TD setups and its already been useful and I can recommend going on the course for anyone that likes to use technical trading as a tool to increase profitability. I have tried it and it works.”
Bo Knudsholt, Chief Dealer, Nordea Markets

“Excellent course, informative and clearly presented… overall a fantastic course and I shall be attending further courses.”
Trader, RBS Sempra Commodities

“Very knowledgable speaker who conveyed all points very well. Very practical techniques that i can, and am, applying to my every day trading. Very pleased.”
Ben Franklin, Tresury Dealer, SG Hambros

“Excellent course content and excellent quality of presentation.”
Senior FX Forwards Trader, Deutsche Bank

“Extremely useful. I’m likely to attend again at some point in the future.”
Paul Lewis, Director, Triniti Financial Group

“Excellent course content and excellent quality of presentation”
David Pasca, Energy Trading, Enel Trade

Utku Eroglu, Senior Foreign Exchange Dealer, Banque de Commerce et de Placements