In-House Training

All of our courses are available for in-house delivery and can be tailored towards your particular needs. This can enable us to tailor the content towards a preferred asset class, market or strategy during the course. Our in-house training courses can also be bespoke, being designed and delivered to meet your specific needs across the full range of trading strategies and financial products.

We also offer a unique coaching service that focuses on applying behavioural finance theory and trading psychology strategies to improve your market performance. Our coaching is tailored towards both short-term traders and longer-term portfolio managers and looks to identify and avoid biases and emotions that can inhibit trading and investment decision-making.

  • Maximizing your trading and investing potential
  • Improving your trading and risk management discipline, and helping you deal with stress
  • Conducting psychometric testing that highlights personal strengths and areas for improvement
  • Analysing your trading and investing history to identify recurring patterns of behaviour

Our consultants are acknowledged experts in their field and coaching typically takes place on a one-to-one basis at the client’s office for a period to be initially assessed and then agreed with the client.

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