2004 – 12

Issue 11

+ Intermarket analysis: Forecasting short-term FX rates
+ DeMark Retracements and Trendlines
+ Identifying commodity currencies
+ Interview with Rami Habib, Fimat International

Issue 9

+ An Introduction to Ichimoku
+ The Morning Star: A powerful candlestick pattern
+ Sell in May – The month to exit stocks?
+ Interview with Murray Gunn, Standard Life Investments

Issue 8

+ Building a better RSI using Bollinger Bands
+ Do years ending in ‘5’ really signal a bull run for stocks?
+ Sentiment Indicators
+ Interview with Adam Sorab, Society of Technical Analysts

Issue 6

+ Impressive Signals from DeMark
+ The US Presidential Election Cycle: Fact or Fiction?
+ Backtesting Predictors of the S&P 500
+ Interview with Nina Cooper, AAPTA

Issue 5

+ Simple Trend Following Strategies in Currency Trading
+ An Automated Method for Identifying Chart Patterns
+ Bollinger Bands: Using Volatility to Enhance Trading Signals
+ Interview with Martin Scott, RBS

Issue 3

+ Using the Congestion Count to Trade Intraday Sterling
+ McClellan on the McClellan Oscillator
+ Trading the S&P 500 Using the COT Report
+ Interview with Anne Whitby of 4CAST

Issue 2

+ The Fall and Rise of the Advance-Decline Line
+ Intraday Trading: Revisiting the 1-Box Reversal
+ Genetically Engineered Trading
+ Interview with Robin Griffiths, HSBC