2004 – 12

Issue 29

+ The Commodity Channel Index
+ Bear markets: Definitions and strategies
+ A systematic method for trading triangles
+ Interview with Christian von Strachwitz, Quaesta Capital

Issue 27

+ Lawrence Staden, GLC Ltd: Trading with – and against – the trend
+ LoBagola analysis
+ Momentum investing
+ Interview with Mark Mobius, Templeton Asset Management

Issue 26

+ Inside a commodity hedge fund: Ebullio Capital Management
+ Playing the January Effect
+ A brief guide to system performance measures
+ Interview with Buff Dormeier, Wachovia Securities

Issue 25

+ Roundtable: Outlook for US and UK stocks
+ Donchian Channels
+ Stanley Dash discusses how to build a successful trading system
+ Interview with Carl-Gustav Gyllenram, Ability Asset Management

Issue 24

+ Roundtable: Where now for the US Dollar?
+ Candlestick techniques: Marabuzo
+ Backtesting price drivers in equity markets
+ Interview with Eugene Sorenson, Bloomberg L.P.

Issue 23

+ Roundtable: Bond market outlook
+ Trading time: Using time as part of an effective trading strategy
+ Automated Trading Systems: Programming and Interoperability
+ Interview with Aaron Brown, Morgan Stanley

Issue 22

+ Roundtable: Exchange Traded Funds
+ Relative strength: Normalisation and currency adjustment
+ The new standard in algorithmic trading
+ Interview with Rusty Cannon, RKC Capital