New upside targets for crude

Despite strong resistance around the $70 area and short-term bearishness over the next couple of days, Brent Crude is looking more bullish in the medium-term, according to David Linton, Chief Executive at Updata.

For details, watch Updata’s Technical Analysis for Energy Traders, which includes an analysis of the major energy, currency and stock markets:

Crude Oil – Brent and WTI new upside targets
US NatGas – some new short term upside (1:55 mins)
European Gas & Power – NBP & TTF and German Power (3:18 mins)
Coal & Emissions – key levels to watch (5:01 mins)
Currencies – critical levels for Euro and GBP against USD, new targets (5:52 mins)
Stock Markets – A look at stockmarkets on all time horizons – looking bullish (7:55 mins)