Issue 3

April 2004


Market Views
+ Are Gilt Yields Set to Remain High? By Tom Hobson
+ Beware of Short-Term Correction for EUR/USD by Nick Coathup
+ The FTSE 100 – Long or Short? By Simon Brown

+ Using the Congestion Count to Trade Intraday Sterling by Andrew Webb
+ McClellan on the McClellan Oscillator by Tom McClellan
+ A Sweeping Intermarket View of the US by Richard Ramyar
+ Trading the S&P 500 Using the COT Report by Larry Holmes
+ Fibonacci and Harmonicity by Jim Kane

Subject Matters
+ Prostick vs. Candlestick by Quincy Chi-Fai Chan
+ Incorporating Chartist Expectations into FX Models by Mikael Bask
+ Fundamental Data to SATISFI the Chartist
+ A Physicists’ Approach to Momentum Trading by Ras Pandey