Issue 2

March 2004


Market Views
+ Decision Time for German Bunds by Clive Lambert
+ Should Gold Bulls be Running for Cover? By Gerry Celaya
+ Outlook for the US Technology Market by Dane Halling
+ Plateau of Stability for US Dollar by Robin Griffiths

+ The Fall and Rise of the Advance-Decline Line by Paul Desmond
+ Using Neural Networks for the FX Markets by Tim Finch
+ The Type 1 Trade by Steve Griffiths
+ Gann Untangled by Fred Stafford
+ Intraday Trading: Revisiting the 1-Box Reversal by Jeremy Du Plessis
+ Predicting Option Volatility with Point-And-Figure Charts by Heinrich Weber

Subject Matters
+ Genetically Engineered Trading by Mukund Seshadri
+ Beware if the Cycle Theory by Wing-Keung Wong
+ Central Bank Interventions, Chartists and the FX Markets by F Westerhoff and C Wieland
+ South-East Asian Stock Markets Follow A Non-Random Walk by Venus Khim-Sen Liew