January 2014

USD/ARS should top at 8.25-55

USD/ARS looks to be taking some time to consolidate the parabolic move near 8.00 but should look to top at around 8.25/55 over the next one to two months, says Rob Zukowski at 4Cast. A reversal should then see the market return to where it started the sell-off at 6.80/7.00.

Buy gold stocks over gold

Buying gold stocks is preferable to buying gold itself, says Ari Wald of Wolfe Research. Exhaustion in the gold/NYSE gold miners index means the ratio has now moved in favour of stocks. This signal is enhanced by bearish divergence in the weekly RSI.

Gold potential target at $1300

Gold should see improved sentiment and a slowdown in selling during Q1, according to Max Knudsen of ADS Securities. This year has seen the best period of buying in 15 months with the potential for prices to reach $1300. Knudsen also discusses rising sentiment in the platinum market.