Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

This two-day course is designed for financial market professionals who wish to acquire an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Delegates will learn about the genesis of cryptocurrencies and how they are mined and traded. The course will also evaluate current opportunities in the digital currency markets. The technology of blockchain will be discussed in detail along with its application to cryptocurrenncies and the wider financial markets as a whole.

Understanding cryptocurrencies

  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
  • A brief history: From Satoshi Nakamoto’s short technical document to the present
  • Bitcoin growth, the bubble and the halving of prices in 2018
  • Cryptocurrency fraud, legitimacy and longevity

How cryptocurrencies work

  • A Bitcoin transaction – step by step
  • Understanding mining, nodes, ICO, hash, ledgers… Is it right to call Bitcoin a currency at all?
  • The role of exchanges
  • The acceptance of digital currencies by central bankers and regulators

The future of cryptocurrencies

  • Cryptocurrency trends and ways to monitor them for the future
  • Will Bitcoin exist in five years time? Is another currency waiting to take the lead?
  • Bitcoin price action and the trends in market share

Understanding blockchain

  • How the technology underpinning blockchain works
  • The structure and scope of blockchain
  • The evolution of the industry
  • The sociopolitical & economic context
  • Key players

Blockchain for the banking, investment, commodities and compliance industries

  • The current blockchain trends
  • Market disruptions caused by technology and the impact of blockchain in industries worldwide

Decentralised applications and smart contracts

  • How blockchain enables new forms of organisation via decentralised applications
  • Smart contracts and new frameworks for identity and data sharing
  • Industry regulation and competitive analysis
  • The competition and regulatory landscape

Blockchain at the frontier

  • The future of blockchain
  • Identifying emerging trends and opportunities in your business