Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

This course is designed to give financial market professionals an in-depth understanding and knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It will also discuss the impact of blockchain on the markets and highlight and evaluate opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets.

17 - 18 September 2018


2 days


London, UK – Tower Hotel, London E1


Trevor Neil

Course Fee:

£1890 + VAT


Understanding cryptocurrencies
It all started with Bitcoin. There are now over 1,500 cryptocurrencies in existence and still more are being added. We will start with a history from Satoshi Nakamoto’s short technical document, through the growth and bubble and the halving of prices in 2108. A journey littered with fraud, grand thefts, hate, attempts to end it all, classic greed bubble, refusal to go away.

What is a cryptocurrency and how do they work?
What is so fantastic about this innovation? Why is it so important? A Bitcoin transaction – step by step. Understanding mining, nodes, ICO, hash, ledgers…..Is it right to call Bitcoin a currency at all? The role of exchanges and the growing acceptance by the financial establishment. We discuss how the period of fear and loathing by central bankers, exchanges and regulators seems to be coming to an end as they begin to understand and accept the inevitability of cryptocurrencies and their advantages.

The future of cryptocurrencies
Is Bitcoin the BETAMAX and will there be a VHS currency? We will look at the trends and ways to monitor them for the future. Will Bitcoin even exist in five years time? Is another currency waiting to take the lead? We will look at the price action and the trends in market share.

Understanding blockchain
Understand in plain language how the technology underpinning blockchain works. Learn the structure of blockchain, and explore the scope of the blockchain industry by analysing the scale of investment in the industry, the sociopolitical and economic context, key players, and the evolution of the industry landscape.

Blockchain & the banking, investment, commodities, compliance industries
We will look at the current blockchain trends. We will discuss the market disruptions caused by technology and the impact of blockchain in industries worldwide – and our industries in particular.

Decentralised applications and smart contracts
Discover how blockchain is enabling new forms of management and organisation through decentralised applications, smart contracts, and new frameworks for identity and data sharing. A discussion of industry regulation and competitive analysis will assist you and your firm to investigate the competition and regulatory landscape.

Transformative business models
Learn how blockchain is already fundamentally changing ways of doing business and the impact this has on industries, consumers and society. This will help you create capabilities for innovation, and recommend ways to help you and your firm design your blockchain business strategy.

Blockchain at the frontier
Discuss the future of blockchain as you identify emerging trends and opportunities in your business and industry, and the direction of growth it is likely to take. Learn to be ready and part of the future of your industry.