Alternative Data for the Markets

The Technical Analyst’s Alternative Data for the Markets Forum will explore all aspects of using alternative data to trade and invest in the financial markets across different asset classes. The event well bring together leading experts in alternative data and machine learning who will explain the various types of data and how they can be used to develop effective trading strategies.

3 October 2018


8:30am – 6pm


City of London Club, London EC2

Delegate Fee:

£495 + VAT


Registration and refreshments

09.30 – 10.10
Satellite Imagery & Big Data: Using Climate Data
Debbie Clifford, Institute for Environmental Analytics

  • Introduction to satellite data
  • Climate data (from satellites, climate models, in situ stations etc)
  • Big data, and techniques/technologies for handling it
  • Climate data and the markets: agriculture, shipping and insurance.

10.10 – 10.50
Generating Alpha from Unstructured Big Data – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): Uncovering Intangible Factors that Drive Company Value
Sebastian Brinkmann, TruValue Labs  

  • Key industry trends and how they’re impacting the financial markets
  • Timely, transparent and material signals we’re seeing from ESG data
  • How these strategies are additive to typical “smart beta” strategies
  • How well they’ve performed versus the benchmark

Refreshment Break

Mining & Construction Data Using Satellite Imagery
John Linwood, Earthi

Trading Case Studies Using Alternative Sentiment Data
Sylvain Forte, SESAMm

  • Creating deep sentiment and emotions alternative data – technologies
  • Long short equity quantitative trading strategies based on alternative data
  • Fundamental study for long term investments based on alternative data


Case Studies: How Investment Managers Can Best Use Alternative Data
Emmett Kilduff, EagleAlpha 

14.10 – 14.50
Creating Your Own Alternative Data Sets
Daniel Mitchell, Hivemind

  • Transforming unstructured data into structured data sets
  • Creating alternative data from company information e.g earnings
  • Using news and social media data to create a data set
  • Market prediction by creating an expert opinion data set

Alternative Data in Equity Portfolios
Richard Bateson, Bateson Asset Management

Refreshment break

Panel Discussion
Selecting the Best Alternative Data for Your Trading & Investing