2015 Awards

Nomination deadline for The Technical Analyst Awards is 30 January 2015.

Latest Research and Commentary

Ron Meisels

S&P: Bulls get selective

The S&P is no longer a “throw a dart” bull market, but plenty of buying opportunities still remain, according to Ron Meisels, President of independent research house Phases & Cycles.

Warning sirens from Greece

The widening spread between the 10-year Greek and German yields is a red flag for European equities that investors should ignore at their peril, according to Riccardo Ronco, Head of Technical Analysis at Aviate Global in London.

Sun rises on Japanese equities

Global investors have a restored appetite for risk, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey for November, and Japanese equities look set to be the biggest beneficiary.
J Grantham

S&P approaches bubble territory

The Fed will engineer a fully-fledged bubble in equities before we experience a very serious decline, according to Jeremy Grantham, Chief Investment Strategist at GMO.
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Nikkei vs Japanese Net Margin Debt

Riccardo Ronco
Investors in Japanese equities should take note of the warning from the Net Margin Debt figure, according to Riccardo Ronco, Head of Technical Analysis at Aviate Global in London.

EURO Telecoms: Buy dips

Euro Telecoms are set to outperform the EUROSTOXX index and any dips should be bought, according to BNP Paribas.

Fixed Income

Strategies and Techniques


USD overstretched

The USD is due a significant short to medium-term correction, according to Chris Williams, Senior Broker at Newedge.

Commodities & Energy

Crude targets 68.5

The overall trend for crude remains downwards, but some short-term bullish signals are creeping into the chart, says Andy Dodd, Head of Technical Research at Louis Capital Markets.

Software & Technology